Navigating Groups: Files

What are Files?

Groups have extra downloadable content available under Files.

The resources available under Files are different between Groups.

DfN Notice Board is a repository of valid, up-to-date resources submitted by members including survey questionnaires, global guidance, and more! Scroll to the bottom of this page to share your own resource with our library.

Files for Webinars include recordings, PowerPoint presentations, Q&A responses, and digital flyers.

Files for Open Forum include digital flyers, resources shared during the discussion, and discussion-summary briefs.

All groups have a folder called “Group Attachments”. This file is automatically populated with attachments shared in that group’s Feed.

Are there size restrictions on Files?

Files attached to posts and comments have a maximum size of 20 MB. This is set by email providers, like Gmail and Outlook, and allows our members to interact with DfN through email.

Files located under Files have a maximum size of 200 MB.

Share a File with the Community Library

DfN is collecting resources—like questionnaires, scorecards and data visualization tools, guidance documents, reports, and more—to share with community members.

Click here to share a file with the DfN Notice Board Files.

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