DfN Groups: Open Forum

What is ‘Open Forum’?

Open Forum is a space for open discussion where you can share your work and upcoming events, ask questions, and join conversations with other community members.

Discussions can be found under the group’s Feed tab

A list of members can be found under the group’s Members tab

Resources shared in discussions can be found under the group’s Files tab

What can I do in ‘Open Forum’?

Create discussion posts and polls

Comment on posts and polls

Attach files to your posts, polls, and comments

Sharing Resources

Files and other resources shared in posts and comments on Open Forum are automatically saved under the Files tab.

Sharing Events

Step 1: Navigate to Open Forum and open the Events tab

Help Files_Open Forum_Navigate to Open Forum Events.gif

Step 2: Select “Create Event” and enter event details

Help Files_Open Forum_Create Event.gif

Tip: If your event is remote, such as a webinar, include a link to the registration page or streaming site in the “Event Location” field.

Step 3: Save your event by selecting “Create event”

Tip: You can share your event as an invitation to all members, if you leave the “Send out an invite to all group members” option selected.

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