DfN Groups: Moderated Topics

What is ‘Moderated Topics’?

In Moderated Topics, featured guest moderators facilitate 1-3 week discussions around a key topic or question. The guest moderator will create an event for members to RSVP to ahead of the live session. Once the session is live, moderators will post discussion prompts within the event for members to engage with.

What can I do in ‘Moderated Topics’?

Comment on Moderator created posts

Vote on Moderator created polls

RSVP to upcoming Moderated Topics discussions

Access resources for current and past session under the Files tab

How do I RSVP and attend a Moderated Topics event?

When you RSVP to a Moderated Topics discussion, you’re letting the moderators and other members know you’re following the conversation. You’ll receive updates and notifications throughout the moderated discussion based on your notification settings.

Step 1: Navigate to the Events Tab

Tip: Did you know you can see events in the Feed too? Take a look at the “highlights” or keep scrolling to “all posts” to find more content and links to events.

Step 2: RSVP to the Moderated Topics Event

RSVP by selecting “Going”, “Maybe”, or “Not Going”.

Step 3: Join the discussion

Before the Event: You can RSVP to the event and add comments to the event description to share discussion prompt ideas, questions, and other comments with moderators.

During the Event: The moderator(s) will create posts within the event to facilitate the discussion. Members can comment on these posts to share their experiences, related resources, questions, and more.

Tip: Make sure your notification settings are set to “instantly” so you can join the conversation from your email.

Step 4: Access resources

After the discussion ends, DfN will share a summary of the discussion with highlights and key messages. Resources will be shared as a post within the event and you will receive a notification based on your notification settings.

You will also be able to access resources under the Moderated Topics Files tab. Each discussion is labeled with a number, brief title, and the start date of the session.

For example, documents from our first discussion will be saved under T1_Anthro data quality_Feb 17 2020

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