DfN Groups: Jobs & Opportunities

What is ‘Jobs & Opportunities’?

‘Jobs & Opportunities’ is a group for sharing job listings, consultancy & funding opportunities, training opportunities, requests for proposals (RFPs), and other professional development opportunities.

All opportunities should be relevant to the Data for Nutrition community mission:

Data for Nutrition (DfN) provides members with opportunities to share knowledge, experience, and questions relevant to strengthening the nutrition data value chain at all levels (global, regional, national, subnational, and institutional) for the purpose of achieving better nutritional outcomes

What can I do in ‘Jobs & Opportunities’?

Create discussion posts to share professional development opportunities

Comment on posts

Recommendations for Creating a Post

When you are sharing an opportunity, DfN recommends that you include:

  • Description of listing and/or a link to an online listing
  • Contact information for submitting an application/proposal
  • Last date to submit applications/proposals

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