DfN Groups: Job Announcements

What is ‘Job Announcements’?

‘Job Announcements’ is a group for sharing job listings, consultancy opportunities, training opportunities, requests for proposals (RFPs), and other professional development opportunities.

All opportunities should be relevant to the Data for Nutrition community mission:

Data for Nutrition (DfN) provides members with opportunities to share knowledge, experience, and questions relevant to strengthening the nutrition data value chain at all levels (global, regional, national, subnational, and institutional) for the purpose of achieving better nutritional outcomes

What can I do in ‘Job Announcements’?

Create discussion posts to share professional development opportunities

Comment on posts

Recommendations for Creating a Post

When you are sharing an opportunity, DfN recommends that you include:

  • Description of listing and/or a link to an online listing
  • Contact information for submitting an application/proposal
  • Last date to submit applications/proposals

Registering for DfN

Click here to the right to register.

Registration takes less than 10 minutes and will require you to verify your email address. If you do not see the verification email after submitting your registration form, please check your SPAM.

Tip: Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer. We recommend using other internet browsers—such as Mozilla Fire Fox or Google Chrome—to connect to our platform.

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DfN Groups: Moderated Topics

What is ‘Moderated Topics’?

In Moderated Topics, featured guest moderators facilitate 1-3 week discussions around a key topic or question. The guest moderator will create an event for members to RSVP to ahead of the live session. Once the session is live, moderators will post discussion prompts within the event for members to engage with.

What can I do in ‘Moderated Topics’?

Comment on Moderator created posts

Vote on Moderator created polls

RSVP to upcoming Moderated Topics discussions

Access resources for current and past session under the Files tab

How do I RSVP and attend a Moderated Topics event?

When you RSVP to a Moderated Topics discussion, you’re letting the moderators and other members know you’re following the conversation. You’ll receive updates and notifications throughout the moderated discussion based on your notification settings.

Step 1: Navigate to the Events Tab

Tip: Did you know you can see events in the Feed too? Take a look at the “highlights” or keep scrolling to “all posts” to find more content and links to events.

Step 2: RSVP to the Moderated Topics Event

RSVP by selecting “Going”, “Maybe”, or “Not Going”.

Step 3: Join the discussion

Before the Event: You can RSVP to the event and add comments to the event description to share discussion prompt ideas, questions, and other comments with moderators.

During the Event: The moderator(s) will create posts within the event to facilitate the discussion. Members can comment on these posts to share their experiences, related resources, questions, and more.

Tip: Make sure your notification settings are set to “instantly” so you can join the conversation from your email.

Step 4: Access resources

After the discussion ends, DfN will share a summary of the discussion with highlights and key messages. Resources will be shared as a post within the event and you will receive a notification based on your notification settings.

You will also be able to access resources under the Moderated Topics Files tab. Each discussion is labeled with a number, brief title, and the start date of the session.

For example, documents from our first discussion will be saved under T1_Anthro data quality_Feb 17 2020

DfN Groups: Open Forum

What is ‘Open Forum’?

Open Forum is a space for open discussion where you can share your work and upcoming events, ask questions, and join conversations with other community members.

Discussions can be found under the group’s Feed tab

A list of members can be found under the group’s Members tab

Resources shared in discussions can be found under the group’s Files tab

What can I do in ‘Open Forum’?

Create discussion posts and polls

Comment on posts and polls

Attach files to your posts, polls, and comments

Sharing Resources

Files and other resources shared in posts and comments on Open Forum are automatically saved under the Files tab.

We are creating a curated library of resources in the DfN Notice Board.

Click here to share a resource or an event with the DfN Notice Board.

Sharing Events

Step 1: Navigate to Open Forum and open the Events tab

Help Files_Open Forum_Navigate to Open Forum Events.gif

Step 2: Select “Create Event” and enter event details

Help Files_Open Forum_Create Event.gif

Tip: If your event is remote, such as a webinar, include a link to the registration page or streaming site in the “Event Location” field.

Step 3: Save your event by selecting “Create event”

Tip: You can share your event as an invitation to all members, if you leave the “Send out an invite to all group members” option selected.

Navigating Groups: Feed

What is the Feed?

The Feed is where you can find posts and events within a group. Each Feed has unique content organized into 4 main categories: Group Members, Highlights, Welcome Posts, and All Posts. Scroll down to learn more.

Group Members

Learn more about Members here


Highlights are top posts, new events, and other important content curated by the community admin.

Welcome Post

Each group has a Welcome Post indicated by an orange push-pin icon on the top right of the post.

These posts contain important information about the group like a mission statement, ways to interact with the group, and where to find help if you need it.

All Posts

Scroll down to find a thread of all posts made to the Group’s Feed. These posts are sorted by recent activity and you can use the search bar to find posts you are interested in.

How can I interact with Groups?

You can customize notification settings for each group. Options like “daily”, “instant”, and “comments on posts I’m following” will determine the frequency and number of the notifications you receive.

Tip: If you choose to receive instant notifications, you can comment on posts and events using your email. Click the link below to learn more.

Learn more about notification settings here.

How can I create a post?

In Open Forum, Introductions, and Job Announcements members can create posts on the Feed.

To create a post, select the type of post desired (e.g. discussion, poll, event) and enter your desired text in the “write something…” field located at the top of a group’s Feed.

Navigating Groups: Members & customizing your profile

How can I find other members?

Step 1: Navigate to the Members tab

Tip: You can also click on “Group Members” at the top of the Feed

Step 2: Use filters to refine your search

Filters are automatically generated based on the registration form. In our community you can search by:

First Name

Last Name

Job title

Institutional affiliation

Type of institutional affiliation (e.g. academic, government, etc.)

Geographic region

Links of the Data Value Chain


What do other members see on my profile?

Your profile is populated with the responses you provided during your registration. You can use this information to search for members under the Members tab.

Fields with a person-icon contain information that is only visible to you and admins. Other members won’t be able to see this information or your email address.

How do I update my profile information?

Step 1: Navigate to your profile

Step 2: Click the pencil icon and adjust settings

Step 3: Save changes

How do I update my account settings?

Account settings are separate from your profile and notification settings. Under account settings, you will be able to update your email address and password or close your account.

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How do I contact my group manager?

Navigating Groups: Files

What are Files?

Groups have extra downloadable content available under Files.

The resources available under Files are different between Groups.

DfN Notice Board is a repository of valid, up-to-date resources submitted by members including survey questionnaires, global guidance, and more! Scroll to the bottom of this page to share your own resource with our library.

Files for Webinars include recordings, PowerPoint presentations, Q&A responses, and digital flyers.

Files for Open Forum include digital flyers, resources shared during the discussion, and discussion-summary briefs.

All groups have a folder called “Group Attachments”. This file is automatically populated with attachments shared in that group’s Feed.

Are there size restrictions on Files?

Files attached to posts and comments have a maximum size of 20 MB. This is set by email providers, like Gmail and Outlook, and allows our members to interact with DfN through email.

Files located under Files have a maximum size of 200 MB.

Share a File with the Community Library

DfN is collecting resources—like questionnaires, scorecards and data visualization tools, guidance documents, reports, and more—to share with community members.

Click here to share a file with the DfN Notice Board Files.

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Adding files and folders to your posts

Introduction to DfN Groups

What are Groups?

DfN Notice Board

A central hub for community announcements

Moderated Topics

Engage with peers in 1-3 week moderated discussions about a key nutrition topic

Learn more about Moderated Topics here.

Open Forum

Highlight your work, ask questions, share resources and events, and join discussions with others

Learn more about Open Forum here.


Quarterly presentations where members can present their efforts in more depth


Introduce yourself to the community and connect with other members

Job Announcements

Advertise job and training opportunities

Learn more about Job Announcements here.

Where can I find groups in the DfN community?

Groups are listed in the left-side panel. You can join new groups by selecting the group and choosing “join group”.

Learn how to customize notification settings here.

To leave a group, select the drop down menu in the Group’s banner and choose the desired option. 

How can I interact with groups?

Customizing Your Notification Settings

On the Desk-top Platform

Step 1: Navigate to the settings menu

Step 2: Make settings selections

Feed Activity Notifications


allows you to engage with the community through email. Reply to send your message privately to the post’s author. Reply all to send your message as a comment to the post on the platform.


creates a summary of the latest activity within a group. This summary is sent as an daily digest email at 8:00 AM ET the following day, and includes links to posts and comments.

Step 3: Save changes

On Mobile App

Click the stacked-lines icon at the top left of your screen and select Notification Settings from the settings menu. This will open your settings allowing you to make and save changes.

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What is a daily digest?