DfN Groups: Jobs & Opportunities

What is ‘Jobs & Opportunities’? ‘Jobs & Opportunities’ is a group for sharing job listings, consultancy & funding opportunities, training opportunities, requests for proposals (RFPs), and other professional development opportunities. All opportunities should be relevant to the Data for Nutrition community mission: Data for Nutrition (DfN) provides members with opportunities to share knowledge, experience, and questionsContinue reading “DfN Groups: Jobs & Opportunities”

Registering for DfN

Click here to the right to register. Registration takes less than 10 minutes and will require you to verify your email address. If you do not see the verification email after submitting your registration form, please check your SPAM. Tip: Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer. We recommend using other internet browsers—such as Mozilla FireContinue reading “Registering for DfN”

DfN Groups: Moderated Topics

What is ‘Moderated Topics’? In Moderated Topics, featured guest moderators facilitate 1-3 week discussions around a key topic or question. The guest moderator will create an event for members to RSVP to ahead of the live session. Once the session is live, moderators will post discussion prompts within the event for members to engage with.Continue reading “DfN Groups: Moderated Topics”

DfN Groups: Open Forum

What is ‘Open Forum’? Open Forum is a space for open discussion where you can share your work and upcoming events, ask questions, and join conversations with other community members. Discussions can be found under the group’s Feed tab A list of members can be found under the group’s Members tab Resources shared in discussions can beContinue reading “DfN Groups: Open Forum”

Navigating Groups: Members & customizing your profile

How can I find other members? Step 1: Navigate to the Members tab Tip: You can also click on “Group Members” at the top of the Feed Step 2: Use filters to refine your search Filters are automatically generated based on the registration form. In our community you can search by: First Name Last NameContinue reading “Navigating Groups: Members & customizing your profile”

Navigating Groups: Files

What are Files? Groups have extra downloadable content available under Files. The resources available under Files are different between Groups. DfN Notice Board is a repository of valid, up-to-date resources submitted by members including survey questionnaires, global guidance, and more! Scroll to the bottom of this page to share your own resource with our library.Continue reading “Navigating Groups: Files”

Introduction to DfN Groups

What are Groups? DfN Notice Board A central hub for community announcements Moderated Topics Engage with peers in 1-3 week moderated discussions about a key nutrition topic Learn more about Moderated Topics here. Open Forum Highlight your work, ask questions, share resources and events, and join discussions with others Learn more about Open Forum here.Continue reading “Introduction to DfN Groups”